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Nick Summers

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Music is magic and its creators are alchemists . An unforgettable lyric is married to a melody of sublime enchantment and a song is born.

The treasures you hear on Mod FM are performed by artists who take these magical creations and transform them into indelible works of art. A swingin’ Sinatra song. Ella’s crystalline treatment of a ballad. Or a fresh breeze from Diana Krall. This is music to brighten any day. Melodic nonpareils to celebrate – and we celebrate them daily here on Mod!

The music that you and I love so much has been the soundtrack to some of the best moments of my life and I’m certain of yours, too. As a radio vagabond who’s made too many stops on the air between Portland, Maine and Los Angeles, I’m delighted to have come to rest here at 107.3 Mod FM. It’s a privilege to begin the day by sharing these songs with music lovers like you!

Thanks for listening!

Nick Summers